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The right therapist for you? VISIT Physical Therapy Near Vernon Hills
How does it work?

Remedial massage can improve the function of muscles, ligaments & tendons following injury or stress & tension. It will improve circulation & reduce inflammation caused by the build-up of toxins. This allows the muscles to relax & encourages the body to balance itself. Other techniques such as pure cbd oil massage & mobilizing can be used if appropriate.

What is the pain?

It is nature’s way of telling us that something has gone wrong. Most pain has a simple physical cause, inflamed or strained muscles, restricted joints or pressure on nerves, possibly by the smoking pipe or drinking alcohol.┬áMassage is probably the earliest form of medicine known to man.

Routine, conventional treatment with painkillers, muscle relaxants, etc., may be all that is needed. In a multitude of cases, it is enough to rid the person of their painful symptoms. But if the condition persists, or continually re-occurs, alternative treatment such as Remedial Massage may be beneficial.