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David Cohen Therapy – Dream Interpretation

I have been a member of the therapy community for over 25 years – providing support and guidance to individuals in need of a safe, dynamic place in which to sort through and meet the challenges of life in the world, relationships to self and others. The goal of this work is to remember the sound of your voice and its inherent wisdom via honest dialogue and dream analysis.

We begin exactly where you are today and identify the issues that are presenting the most significant obstacles to your sense of emotional integrity and purpose in your life. We look for the often hidden patterns and the solutions those patterns hold. At first, there may appear to be only chaos and endless loops of the same old story, but with patience, focus, and humor there are answers to be found.

Dreamwork includes those strange stories that emerge as we sleep, daydream or fantasize. The stuff of daily life can be seen through the lens of the dream and provide a new perspective on our way in the world. The key is to show up to the challenge by first acknowledging our discomfort which often manifests as anxiety, fear, rage, addiction or depression – armed with a willingness to embark on a journey of discovery. We are each born with our map – but too often we are trying to navigate the map of our family, the popular media, or any other outside authority. No wonder we so often feel adrift in a sea of confusion that leaves us feeling helplessly lost with no land in sight. This work is about claiming your authority and charting your course.

My experience in the therapy community has taught me that each person has a unique story to bring to the world and that the world needs our accounts, our voices to be in balance. As my own story continues to unfold via my work as a therapist, it is my ongoing purpose to serve as an ally to people who are seeking the skills to regain their voices, their stories, to get on with their lives with renewed health and a sense of adventure.